Game Day

Lincoln University Oakland to Play First California Football Game Against Cal Poly Oakland, CA

In an exciting development for Lincoln University’s burgeoning football program, Athletic Director Desmond Gumbs announced that the team will be playing their first-ever California football game against Cal Poly. With just two years into their football program, this opportunity to compete against a well-established opponent like Cal Poly has brought tremendous enthusiasm among the university’s sporting community. “We are absolutely thrilled and grateful that Cal Poly has extended an offer to play us,” exclaimed Desmond Gumbs, expressing his excitement about the upcoming game. “This is a significant milestone for Lincoln University, particularly considering that we are just two years into our football program. It showcases the rapid progress we have been able to make in terms of our football and overall athletics department.” Gumbs believes that this game against Cal Poly presents a unique opportunity for Lincoln University to gain exposure and further establish itself in the realm of college football. He emphasized the impact it will have on recruiting talented athletes to enrich Lincoln’s team, as well as the positive influence it will have on California football as a whole. “This is huge for recruiting and for California football,” proclaimed Gumbs. “Playing against a well-regarded and respected program like Cal Poly will undoubtedly attract the attention of aspiring football players across the state. It demonstrates that Lincoln University is committed to developing a competitive football program and offers a platform for players to showcase their talents on a grand stage. Gumbs states that this is a tremendous opportunity for our university. The fact that we are already scheduling games against established teams like Cal Poly shows that we are way ahead of schedule in terms of our football and athletics. It reflects the dedication and hard work of our coaching staff, student-athletes, and everyone involved in our athletic program.” The Lincoln University football team, led by Head Coach Desmond Gumbs has been diligently preparing for this historic clash with Cal Poly. The game is not only a chance to display their skills and determination on the field but is also an opportunity to showcase the university and its commitment to excellence. The first-ever California football game for Lincoln University is highly anticipated by fans, alumni, and supporters alike. It signifies a new chapter in the university’s sports history and presents an exceptional occasion for the community to come together and celebrate the growth and accomplishments of the program. Stay tuned for further updates on this landmark event and join us in cheering on the Lincoln University football team as they embark on this exciting journey.