Tuition Deposit

Please pay your Five Hundred Dollars ($500) deposit for Summer 2024 Tuition.

Any questions, parents please reach out to Coach Williams at


Lincoln University can receive app-based payments. Payers other than the students themselves such as parents or sponsors are to write in the memo or message field the name of the student and last 4-digit of the student’s social security number.

Payment Options


  • Log in to your bank application via (Mobile application / Web Application)
  • Click on Zelle Transfer
  • Click on Send
  • Add recipients through email:
  • Enter the Amount
  • Write Memo/message
  • Send

Note: Zelle instructions may slightly differ from financial institutions to institutions however, the fundamental remains same.


  • Tap on the Venmo app on your mobile device.
  • Choose the payment icon at the top right.
  • Select a recipient from your list of Venmo contacts or add a recipient. You can add by Venmo email: You can also scan a Venmo user’s QR code.
  • Add the payment amount.
  • Include a note to the payment.
  • Tap Pay. You’ll see your Venmo balance or default backup account. Choose the currently select account to make a change.
  • Confirm payment.


  • Open the Cash App
  • Enter the amount
  • Tap Pay
  • Enter an email address: or $lincolnuniversity as the payee.
  • Enter what the payment is for
  • Tap Pay

To send money from your computer:

  • Go to Payments.
  • Enter the recipient’s email address:
  • Click Next.
  • If this option is available, select: Sending to a friend or Paying for an item or service.
  • Follow the steps.

To send money via the PayPal app: Tap Payments, then tap Pay.

  • Enter the recipient’s email address:
  • Enter the amount, choose the currency, add a message (optional) and tap Next.
  • Select how you want to pay and tap Next.
  • Select “Friends and Family” or “Goods and Services” and tap Next.
  • Check the details and tap Send.

Don't have an app? Please Download here: