Roney Johnson

Coach Roney Johnson: From Diamond Glory to Coaching Greatness

Coach Roney Johnson is one of the most decorated baseball players and one of the most well respected coaches in the area.

He is an Alumni of Woodcreek High School in Roseville, CA. While in High School, Coach Roney racked up numerous accolades, and still holds numerous records.

  • 1996 All League 378 BA, 6 HR’s, 22 RBl’s
  • 1997 All League 383 BA, 4 HR’s, 17 2B’s, 26 RBl’s, 97SO
  • 1998 All League 415 BA, 9 HR’s, 15 2B’s, 31RBl’s, 100SO 1999 All League MVP
  • 1999 Sacramento Bees Player Of The Year-All City First Team and 1st Team All USA

He was drafted in the 6th round of the Major League baseball draft in 1999 by the Colorado Rockies, and spent 6 years in the professional ranks.

Coach Johnson is a dynamic coach and a proven winner that knows the game of baseball.