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Lincoln Oaks Women’s Basketball Secures Victory Against UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

[Santa Cruz, CA, February 11, 2024 ] – In an electrifying matchup on UC Santa Cruz’s Senior Day, the Lincoln Oaks Women’s Basketball team clinched a thrilling victory against the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs with a final score of 58-56. This win marks a significant turnaround for the Oaks, who had faced defeats against the Banana Slugs in the previous season.

DSC03557The Lincoln Oaks faced the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs twice during the 2022-2023 season, suffering losses by margins of 36 and 28 points respectively. However, in their most recent encounter, the Oaks secured a hard-fought victory on the Banana Slugs’ home court.

The game showcased the Oaks’ determination and teamwork, as they battled against a formidable opponent. With many lead changes, the matchup kept the fans engaged and on the edge of their seats up to the final seconds. Arielle Hines, a junior, hit the final shot of the game with 4 seconds left to lift the Oaks over UC Santa Cruz.

IMG_9322With this victory, the Lincoln Oaks Women’s Basketball team improves to a winning season record of 12-11, marking a significant milestone for the program. The team’s dedication and commitment to never give up and continue to work hard, have been evident throughout the season, culminating in this memorable win against UC Santa Cruz.

The Lincoln Oaks Women’s Basketball team extends its gratitude to the fans and supporters. The team remains focused and determined as they strive for further achievements in the remainder of the season.

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