Thor Daley

Up Close with Thor Daley

The Lincoln University Oaklanders recently made another important hire, as the team hired Offensive Line Coach Thor Daley to the staff on February 12th. Daley is another homegrown California guy like many on the coaching staff, but his five previous seasons of coaching experience has taken him all over the country.

Daley began his coaching career in 2017 at Trine University in Angola, Indiana as an Assistant Offensive Line Coach. Next, he traveled to The University of Wisconsin-Stout in Menomonie, Wisconsin. While there from August 2018 to May 2020, he was a Graduate Assistant while also serving as the Tight Ends Coach with the UW-Stout Blue Devils, a Division III program. His next coaching stop took him to Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky to be a part of the Colonels football program. There, he rose up the ranks, assuming the positions of Quality Control Coach for the tight ends, special teams and offensive line, as well as serving as the Assistant Director of Football Operations.

Now he returns home to his California roots, ready to help Head Coach Desmond Gumbs and the rest of the staff continue to build the Oaklander football program. Let’s hear the newest member of the Lincoln University football coaching staff in his own words. Here’s Coach Daley!

Q: Since you were just hired, what are you working on with your offensive line group?

A: “A little bit of trying to get to know them, and really just recruiting. Just getting right into it. I just took the job on Saturday, so I had to have about a week to get everything together and make a cross-country road trip,” Daly said. “But the staff’s been great ever since I got to know them a little bit. I’m really just trying to recruit, and do what I can to help out with what they’ve already started.”

Q: I know you said you’ve been working on recruiting. Are there any recruits that you’re specifically excited about?

A: “I’ve been talking to a couple guys. Just kind of getting to know them a little bit, and tell them about the program. Kind of just build that relationship,” Daly said. “That’s the biggest thing with recruits I want to make sure I build that relationship with guys, so they know what they’re getting into, and I know what I’m getting with them.”

Q: What exactly was appealing to you about Lincoln, other than going home? What was the pitch for you?

A: “For me really, my whole family’s still in California. I’ve traveled across the country. It’s been great, and I wouldn’t trade those experiences,” says Daly. “But being close to family, and then just the feel of building a program. For me, I came out of the Bay Area, and the JUCOs (junior colleges) is what you get recruited to. I chose a different route: cross country. But Lincoln is the opportunity to have something right there in the Bay Area that’s not the JUCOs or high-level stuff. Something to give back to these kids, and build something here.”

Q: Are there any games in the schedule that you’re particularly interested in?

A: “I think that first game against Texas A&M Commerce makes me excited. They’re just moving up to Division I. They want to make a statement as a program. That’s a game you can make a statement in,” Daly said.

Daly also has a little extra motivation for coaching at his absolute best for the game against Webber International. “I interviewed at Webber last year, and they passed me over for the job. Their offensive coordinator called and talked to me and we’ve had a great rapport. But they ended up going with someone from Florida instead of me. So I definitely have that game circled too.”
Every quality coach and player added to the Oaklander football program only serves to strengthen the team, as they aim to push for new heights and attempt to shatter goals and expectations. Thor Daley is one of those quality coaches. Welcome home to the Bay Area, Coach Daley!