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Up Close with Rickey Galvin

Lincoln University Wide Receivers Coach Rickey Galvin was born and raised in the Bay Area. He’s an Oakland guy to his core. But a college football career as a Washington State Cougar, time in the CFL, and life in Seattle doing humanitarian work took him temporarily away from home. But he returns home with new wisdom and experiences that will benefit the Lincoln University Oaklanders football team on and off the field. Here’s Coach Galvin, in his own words.

Q: How did you end up at Lincoln University?
A: “Coach Alonzo Carter, who now is the running backs coach at San Jose State was like a father figure to me. I reached out to him and he brought up Lincoln as a new program and new opportunity. I had another opportunity to coach at another university, but I was like, “This is the perfect fit. I can be back home and see my family. I missed my family, and I felt like this was the time for me to go all in and take a leap of faith. My family and I moved out here. I hit up Coach Gumbs and just told him a little bit about myself and how truly excited I’d be to be a part of Lincoln.”

Q: What is your coaching style?
A: “Like being in the social work field, I like to connect first. My thing is connecting. You have to be mindful of what everyone is going through. I don’t like being that ‘hard’ person, but I do like to take care of business. If there’s something on the field, like a mistake or something that needs to be corrected, I would wait until after practice or film to correct it, as opposed to yelling and screaming. I’m the laid back, collected coach. I like to let everything process and come together before acting impulsively. But I’m becoming a different coach since coaches on startup teams have more of a voice. Some guys need that push. This upcoming season I’ll be more intense.”

Q: What are your goals for this season?
A: “My goals for the team would be building something bigger than all of us. We will face adversity, but my goal for the team, when we do face adversity we come together, as opposed to ripping each other apart. Any individual goals we may have will help us being a team and coming together when things get tough. We flew out to every game last year. Things got rough, and I don’t think we had the togetherness and that family vibe or bond enough to overcome a lot of things that we endured. A goal for me is growing that family atmosphere and environment to overcome the things we’ll be faced with this year. It’s bigger than any number or stat, because this is the foundation of it.”