Scott Scherer

Up Close with Coach Scott Scherer

Coach Scherer’s path to Lincoln University has been winding, and as he puts it, “unconventional.” After his playing days as an Arizona Wildcat came to an end, he stayed on for a little while as a defensive backs coach. But then left football for a time to go into a variety of other pursuits such as broadcasting, financial services and sports entertainment. But through it all, the “coaching itch” and love for the game of football remained. But how did he get back into the sport that he loved, and what ultimately led him to become a Lincoln University Oaklander? Here’s Offensive Assistant Coach Scott Scherer in his own words.

Q: What brought you to Lincoln University?
A: “Coach Gumbs and I had coached together at the varsity level for high school for Stellar Prep in Oakland and Hayward. It’s a small private school that tries to help kids in rough scenarios turn their lives around, and give them an opportunity to attend college using athletics. Coach Gumbs made a pitch to me about making a difference and an impact like we had done at the high school level. I actually named the team the Oaklanders, because I wanted there to be some Oakland pride. We’ve got a great school and opportunity for education. There are also a lot of big business opportunities for these young people to get educated and have a life in the Bay Area, predominantly Oakland. That’s what sold me on it.”

Q: What’s your coaching style? What sort of things do you look for in the players that you’re going to coach this year?
A: “For me as a coach, I want to be known as being honest, hardworking and organized. I’m honest with my players, and what I try to do with that integrity is make them be honest with themselves. And that might be asking the questions of, ‘Are they working like they’re supposed to?’ Or, ‘Are they where they need to be, when they need to be, how they need to be?’ I hold them accountable. From the football side, we want to be known as being physical. I want the other team to know they’ve been in a game. Not a 7-on-7 tournament. That’s what I’m looking for.

Q: For Lincoln University and for your position groups specifically, what are your goals for 2022?
A: “We’re here to win every single game we play in, and we want to compete at the highest level. When I look at it, building a program is truly a process. It’s just about taking the next step in that process. The first step was just about getting ten games on the board. We went from zero kids enrolled on a football team to having an entire football team. This next year we have to have more continuity and cohesion amongst our players, and continue to build on that and compete. We have to learn how to build a roster so every guy can compete the whole season. Competing for one week or one practice isn’t good enough. How do we compete every single week of the season? That’s what I want to see us do.”